I’m home after a chilly weekend away. My partner in crime and I went to Kalmar to watch VNV Nation and Cryo and to spend some time at a museum and just see the town. I’m too tired for a longer post but I thought I could update on the show because it was AMAZING. It felt good to see a lot of alternative people and it was fun to see Cryo perform. But VNV was freaking awesome, everything from the setlist to the performance and the connection with the audience. The venue was small and it was easy to get just below the stage, all in all it was just everything I love about going to concerts. No big arena in the world can make up for the feeling I get when a smaller place does it just right.

I finally found an excuse to wear my corset out in public and remembered to take pictures of it too! At first I was planning to wear fishnets but I would have been freezing to death on my way to the show in them so I opted for a bit more fabric than that.

Dress: H&M (a long while ago)
Corset: What Katie Did Morticia Nouveau Extreme underbust
Tights: Old
Boots: Brandit 20 Eyelet boots
Necklace: Immortal Pendant by Trickery

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