Warm & cozy for winter

It feels like all I’ve written about the past month is shopping related stuff but we’re finally getting into the time of the year when black and moody colors are fashionable and accessible. It’s also Halloween soon and this year, it seems to be the year of cult horror in the fashion departments. I’m not sad, being in desperate need of warmer clothes I just placed an order at H&M. Basic things but just what I need since the last of my cardigans is falling apart. The long sleeves are from the men’s section because I’m too tall for the women’s sweaters. Hopefully at least some of them fits. The tees were actually in stock at my local H&M store, that never happens, and one was a gift from my grandma since she thought they looked cool (!).

From the top:
Nightmare on Elm Street sweatshirt
Corset Belt
Sweatshirt Cardigan
Knitted Cardigan
Knitted Sweater
The Exorcist Tee
Friday the 13:th Tee

It’s not too often Swedish stores decides to make a profit on horror anything so if (when) the tees get on sale I hope to get a few extra if they’re available in my size. Stocking up while it’s possible, you know. Do you do that too?

Let’s finish this up with one of my favorite horror scores of all time, it’s in a list of top ten where I can’t choose which one I love more. It’s from the movie Dead Silence (2007), which on its own is a totally decent movie (it has an extreme scare factor for me because I find ventriloquist dummies downright terrifying) and the composer is Charlie Clouser.


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