Top 5 Obsessions

Lists, lists and more lists.

  1. Living Dead Dolls. I’m trying to figure out which ones to look for but the decision-making is not the easiest. There are too many and they are too cute.

    Living Dead Dolls
  2. Vampyres: Genesis and resurrection by Christopher Frayling. The first time I saw this book was at Science Ficition Bokhandeln (sci-fi book shop) in Malmö about a year ago and I’ve been keeping it in my ever growing list of books I want to read and it resurfaced a couple days ago. I just love the mythology and can’t stop thinking about the book.
  3. Autumn. I try to spend as much time in the forest as possible and bring my camera whenever it’s possible.
  4. Halloween (2018). My inner teenager is super excited about this sequel.
  5. Chaos Research – Kuivila. There is something special about this band and I die a little when I see all the snow. Fuck, I miss snow so much.

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