Day 7: A song from 1984

This has to be something goth and what is better than a song from Burning Oil, the first album ever produced by Skeletal Family? I just love the vocals of Anne-Marie Hurst and wish I’d discovered Skeletal Family much earlier than I did. I can’t remember how I got introduced to them, it might even have been through “similar artists” on Spotify a couple of years back. I think it was around 2011-2012, I can remember dancing around in the apartment we had back then to She Cries Alone.

My music collection is dominated by male vocals and it’s unfair, there are so many talented women within the genres I like. Anyway, this is one of my favorite bands from the 80’s and The Night is probably my favorite song from Burning Oil, even though I love the screeching outbursts on And I.



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