Day 4: A song from an EP

If anyone doesn’t know or just like to read fun facts, EP is short for Extended Play and it’s shorter than an entire album but longer than a single, it has at least a few different songs on it. This was a format of music that I grew up with. I was born in the late 80’s and CD’s were the medium through which we consumed music. But they were extremely expensive and an album could easily cost 200-300 SEK = 20-30 EUR back when I was a teen, that was an entire month’s worth of cash to me. They cost even more if it was import albums. But singles and EP’s were affordable and common in the music genres I used to listen to.

Bella Morte was one of the bands I found through an EP, it was their The Death Rock EP from 2001 and my copy got lost somewhere in a move, together with a bunch of other CD’s. I’ve been trying to find another copy of it for while but no luck, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop looking.

Eyes of a Ghost was my favorite song on The Death Rock EP and I think it still is. I can’t help but love the angsty, brooding lyrics.

“Time crashes from the sky again
To wash away the rain
I stare into the setting sun
Until it falls away
What is left is everything
Or everything to me
As I watch the evening fade”


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