Short update

As I wrote recently, it feels like I’ll barely be home this month. The past weekend we visited my brother who lives in a bigger city in the other end of the country and tomorrow we’re heading north. It’s not a particularly fun trip since it involves a funeral but it’s the “long road trip” kind which is my favorite kind of trip. I have a passion for maps and all things abandoned, which makes road tripping extra interesting, and if we have a little time I hope to find something on the way to look at. Sweden is a pretty polished country and a lot of the buildings that have been deemed useless or abandoned get demolished fast. Best case scenario, someone buys them and try to restore them. But there are some places left and I hope to find a few before they are gone.

As for the planner, I swallowed my pride and bought some things to be able to design it the way I want. One, one, Etsy shop actually had plain, black indexes and when I visited my brother I bought regular, black pages in A4 that I’m going to cut in half and somehow punch 6 little holes through. Fun times. I managed to find not one but two different kinds of white pens and got myself a label maker too (I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted one and now I finally figured out a purpose for it). I said I didn’t want to DIY but there was no other options left. I gave up this project last year and the year before that, it’s time to actually put some effort into this.



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  1. Maybe if you get the planner the way you want now, you’ll know what to do in future years until someone makes the kind you like. Enjoy the road trip, although I understand a funeral is not a fun thing. I hope you find lovely old places.

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