“Disorder, chaos and anarchy: now that sounds like fun!”

Okay, so I’m trying not to use this blog as a sounding board for all my mean and negative thoughts but this time I’m finding it too hard to not write about what’s been on my mind for most of my free time this past week. ARE ALL PLANNER ENTHUSIASTS KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS AND/OR YOGA INSTRUCTORS?! For fuck’s sake, does everything has to be unicorn colored and cute? I’ve been doing some extensive googling in all possible ways and come to realize that a.) kawaii and the ultra-cute pop culture phenomenon are not dead, b.) I wish they were, c.) if I see another affirmation in swirly lettering I am gonna puke. Oh yeah and d.) it’s fucking hilariously expensive, not to speak of the shipping costs when you find something you actually like. Holy fuck.

I mean yes, there are probably a lot of creative lost souls out there but 98% of everything online looks like identical teen magazines. There are hearts and flowers and butterflies and love and carpe diem on every fucking thing. I have a hard time understand creativity when it’s putting a heart sticker on top a dolphin sticker on a flowery page. It drives me straight to Arch Enemy mode (with one of my favorite singers Angela Gossow) and the amazing album Doomsday Machine, just to get through all that fluffy madness that seems to be creative and inspiring planners.

I’m gonna do this my way. There will be no pink. There will be no mandalas. No flowers. NO FLOWERS. The exposure to all this sticky sweetness has given me an allergic reaction and I need blood and guts Wes Craven style and maybe some pancakes before I chill.

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To get back to the original thought, I already have a Filofax. The Original A5 in patent purple and I intend to use it until it falls apart or I die, whichever occurs first. I love every bit of it.

It still has the original index in pastel green and blue with a regular Filofax calendar in it and some pastel note sheets that also came with the binder. I was hoping to make it darker and cleaner. A black index in its size, get a calendar from somewhere else since I find Filofax pages to not be matte enough and get some black pages for notes, black magic, kill-lists, the regular stuff. Turns out black is some sort of forbidden color that will turn you into a church burning satanist that sacrifices women in yoga pants to the Dark Lord and tortures the neighbor’s kids for giggles. Who knew?

I would love to be one of those truly crafty people and just fix this shit on my own but I know myself and are not interested in spending cash on DIY for paper goods. No, nope and fuck off.  I can Frankenstein together most of my ideas but some I just wish some of it was accessible in the real world.


6 Replies to ““Disorder, chaos and anarchy: now that sounds like fun!””

  1. This is why I gave up on planners years ago. I just couldn’t handle all the cheerful cuteness. I can see why they don’t do much black paper–I’ve used it before and it only really works with special pens–but it wouldn’t kill them to put out a few dark-themed styles.

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      1. True, there’s no reason they couldn’t sell black indexes or calendars and gray or purple pages to go with them. It seems the people who make planners and filofaxes think all their customers only like boring white or “super cute” stuff. I don’t get it.

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  2. I can bear with kawaii if it’s cat themed but OMG the swirly lettering. The “keep calm and” quotes. “Inspirational” stuff in general. It physically hurts! I usually write my things on plain unlined notebooks, but do tell if you find anything that suits you.

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