Creepy Domes – The second part

I brought home some moss and heather from the forest yesterday and I just started with my project of making the domes mysteriously eerie. The moss I found is still drying up but the heather was good for use today, I also got the idea of saving all the dried up flowers from my orchids and collect them in one of the domes.

For the creepy part I’m using teeth. Since I got my first pony I’ve collected the teeth my pats have shed and I had two teeth from that pony and two puppy teeth from my old dog that I thought deserved a nice display. Since they’re tiny it’s not something you really see if you’re not looking very closely but it’s a work in progress. When I find more things I’ll add to the domes.
(Since there’s no moss in the middle one just yet I thought it looked a bit empty so I put a playing card with Stain Boy on in it meanwhile.)


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