Priority List Update

I am still holding on to the priority list I set up for myself earlier in January and it’s coming along really well but I have forgotten (again) to update it. With a bit of luck, I’ll actually have the entire list checked off soon, only to begin with a new one. For anyone who reads this and have no clue what I’m rambling on about; I try not to buy things and clothes that end up in the back of my closet, never to be found again. Since I can be both impulsive and impatient this list helps me to stay on track.

  1. A new fall/spring jacket, gothic style.(I have to admit I rarely use this jacket. It could be me, it could be the fit. I don’t know, we’ll see.)
  2. Basic, black tee.
  3. A pair of underwear.
  4. O-ring Bondage belt.
  5. Spiked choker. (I found my lost one)
  6. Short skirt, bondage inspired.
  7. O-ring choker. A necklace.
  8. Band shirt, girlie.
  9. Arm warmers.
  10. New boots, 20 eyelet.

Since the last update, I gave up the hunt for a women’s band shirt and found a tee with Wednesday Addams from Darkside instead. I also decided to get the boots of my dreams and ordered the New Rock High Reactor Boots 

There’s only two things left on my list and I have started to change my mind about the o-ring choker. It feels like I’ve looked everywhere for a nice collar but can’t quite seem to find exactly what i have in mind. Maybe I’ll get a custom made eventually but for now, I’m switching it out for another necklace. I’m thinking maybe a big ankh, the one I’ve got is pretty and very loved but tiny.

The arm warmers will be a creation of my own, a successful one I hope and after that it’s time for a new priority list!


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