OOTD+MOTD (Or the big selfie parade)

It’s been a while since a I did any outfit posts so I thought this could be appropriate, especially since I felt really good about my makeup today as well. Turned out that you can’t really see my entire outfit or as much as I hoped from the makeup but anyway, who cares? For once, I remembered to take pictures!

Tee: Wednesday by Darkside
Skirt: Sahara Bondage skirt by Shango
Arm thingies by Poizen
Black tights

Foundation:  Everyday minerals matte base in 0C Rosy Fair
Powder: Kryolan translucent powder in TL1
Eyeshadow (and brows): MakeUpStore microshadow in Pollution
Eyeliner: Wet ‘n Wild
Pencil liner: Isadora Inliner
Lips: Burt’s bees honey lip balm

I’ve been listening through some early Bella Morte albums today, here’s one of my favorite songs from Where Shadows Lie.



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