Top 5 Obsessions #2nd issue

  1. My new headphones, god dammit I love my new headphones. I’ve been stuck with a pair of uncomfortable, +5 years-old and almost shredded AKG K402 for my daily walks, trips and dish washing. No more. I’m somewhat of an audiophile and convinced myself to finally put some cash on a decent pair of everyday-everywhere headphones. A whole lot of research and try outs have been done, my head is wicked tiny by the way, and I landed on Marshall Major II Bluetooth. I freaking love them to death. DEATH.
  2.  Ask a mortician. I think I’ve mentioned Caitlin Doughty before and think she is so intelligent, funny and just awesome. I’m re-watching her uploads on Youtube as we speak.
  3. Terrariums. My pet snake needs a bigger enclosure and it’s going to be a custom build (nerd alert! nerd alert!) so I’m looking for inspiration for the design and interior ideas whenever I get the chance. How I’m going to fit the thing into our apartment is a conundrum for later.
    The Reptile Room from Lemony Snicket’s A series of unfortunate events.
  4. Romeo’s Distress by Christian Death. I get songs stuck in my head often. This is a pretty nice one to have on repeat.
  5. Jigsaw. I love the first Saw films. I don’t care that the franchise turned kind of…weird. I’m thrilled and can’t wait to hear those six captivating words in THX again. I want to play a game.

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