Symbols I wear #1

I’ve been thinking a lot about symbols and stand torn between being fed up on the influx of nu goth things with all these occult symbols mashed together for no other reason than to look cool and kind of liking the availability of my favorite symbols for jewelry.

Now, I’m a firm believer in doing and wearing whatever the fuck you like and really don’t think that re-using any sort of symbol or pattern is anyone else’s business but your own. They don’t have to carry a larger significance than being aesthetically pleasing. But I think it’s good to know your shit and since I know I often post pictures of me wearing various symbols I thought I could share some of my thought and knowledge around them.

For me to like a certain symbol I almost always need a special connection to it. Not in a way that have to be profound and almost religious but I like to connect memories and feelings to them in order for them to feel special (to me).


I have small pendant of an ankh that I wear almost everyday in periods. The symbol is a hieroglyph from ancient Egypt, very common and found in digs as far away as in Persia and Mesopotamia, and it (probably) means life. It’s disputed to show the unity of the male and female, the symbols of Osiris and Isis mashed together and by that, connecting heaven and earth. Still, a symbol of life force. The Egyptian gods are often depicted carrying it in reliefs as a symbol of their eternal life. The god often holds up the ankh before the king’s face as a sign of perpetuity as well. Further on, the Christian church borrowed the ankh as a symbol for the resurrection of Christ. The lesser common name crux ansata is Latin for “cross with a handle”.
Spiritual religions often use the ankh in as symbol of life, and so does a lot of people in the Gothic subculture.

What’s my connection? I’ve always found the symbol very beautiful and I love the sentiment of eternal life. I have always been fascinated of ancient Egypt and the pendant reminds me of a visit to the British Museum me and my partner in crime made a couple of years ago. It was just pure amazement all the way through and I can’t wait to go back again. I’d really love to visit Egypt; the pyramids, Alexandria and Cairo.



2 Replies to “Symbols I wear #1”

  1. At the beginning of this post I was expecting a list of symbols. Will you do a series? I would love to learn more about these things. I have a bracelet with ankhs from dad’s trip to Egypt. He explained to me that the symbol consists of a stylized vagina and penis with testicles. I thought that was pretty clever.

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    1. I’m going to do more posts about symbols, but I’d like to be able to write more about each than I did about the ankh. The theory about the ankh symbolizing genitals is interesting but from what I’ve learned it’s no longer valid? I suppose it could be a way of simplify the joining of Isis and Osiris though…I’m going to dig a little to find out if there’s more research to it 😃


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