Longing for the Apocalypse

I’m usually good at squeezing a post or two even when it’s bat-shit crazy around me, but this weekend was too intense, even for me, to find time and energy and internet to post anything. We’ve been about 9 hours by car up north and partied like it was 1999. Not really but yeah, really.

I’m in the mood to create things, maybe sew something and like clockwork I’m starting to get a post-apocalyptic craving. It’s the same every summer. Maybe it’s the knowing that winter is coming (*that joke never gets old*) that makes me yearn for layers, cloaks and more layers. I’ve been browsing Etsy for inspiration, I’m actually going to try and make something myself instead of buying it this time.

Post Apocalyptic Rubber Face Mask by NiKiNGA
Queen’s Hand Guards by NikiNGA
Black Post Apocalyptic Asymmetric hoodie by Sin Scissors Boutique
Black and White Distressed Jacket by Sin Scissors Boutique
Long Distressed Tee by Sin Scissors Boutique
KURO Black stripes leggings by Siskatank
BARCODE shirt by Siskatank
Grey X Printed long sleeves shirt by Siskatank
Post apocalyptic asymmetric over skirt by The Last Kult
Draped Cape Harness by By Apatico



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