Decadent Deluxe

Me and my partner in crime celebrated 3 years together a couple of days ago and we did so with absinthe and, not in the same day, a nightly road trip to take long exposure pictures of the sunrise in one of my favorite places. But back to the absinthe. It’s one of my favorite drinks and done right it tastes no way near as highly alcoholic as it is. If you like anis (tastes a bit like licorice) and spirits such as ouzo or sambuca, chances are you’d like absinthe. I also know that I’m Swedish and our culture around hard liquor differs from other parts of the world. Our snaps are often viewed as kind of weird to others but I like that tradition as well, which probably makes my standpoint a bit different to those who find highly alcoholic beverages too strong.

For our three-year-anniversary we got a bottle of the Swedish Valkyria absinthe, the La Fee Verte absinthe spoons from Alchemy Gothic and we found glassware from a local thrift shop for 10 SEK (ca 1 EUR).  I’ve been wanting the spoons since forever! Turns out they’re great for melting the sugar cubes and no, you’re not suppose to light the drink on fire. That’s just BS. Even though the spoons have been around for quite some time now they’re still pretty accessible in Europe. I was a bit worried about the post office screwing up again since I bought them from UK based Online Gothic  but they ended up at my door within 3 working days, that’s pretty awesome and the store deserve all the cred in the world for that! Of course I forgot to take decent pictures from when we drank it but I’ve got two good ones, even though the glasses are empty and two bad ones from when we strained water over the ice cubes.


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