Goodbye, Chester.

I grew up with Linkin Park and it was together with them I discovered nu metal. Accessible on the radio and MTV, they were the bridge between metal and pop music. When I woke up and read about Chester’s suicide I froze for a while and I’ve had Crawling and Papercut playing in the back of my min the entire day. The distinct sound of early Linkin Park brings back so many memories and emotions from my angsty teens. I think me an Linkin Park parted ways somewhere around Meteora but the old songs have stayed with me and Chester’s one of those people who always inspired, with his life story and choosing his own path in the business.

Goodbye, Chester. You’ll never leave my playlists.


2 Replies to “Goodbye, Chester.”

  1. I remember getting to see Linkin Park in OzzFest 2001, shortly after they made it big. I didn’t think I was going to like them too much at the time, but they put on a hell of a show and I had a healthy respect for them ever since

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