When it gets real bad

I reluctantly watched the remake of Poltergeist a few days ago and someone really did a number on the classic Spielberg screenplay here. If you’ve lived under a stone the past decades you might not have heard about the epic tale of a family moving into a home that’s based on ancient burial grounds and the adorable little girl who connects with the ghosts through a television. If that’s the case, you might find this adaption on the story amusing but if you’re familiar with the original movie it just hurts your eyes and heart to watch the new Poltergeist.

This is not me being elitist and too cool for sequels and remakes, I can appreciate the hell out of some franchises and I’m in love with both the old and the more recent versions of Hills Have Eyes. I even enjoy some Americanized asian horrors, like the Ring (the original) and Shutter (the original) even though the originals has more genuine scare to them. But this monstrosity of a remake should have been cancelled before finishing the on set filming. The weird lightning effects made it feel like they tried too hard and everything, all the scares, happens too fast and don’t create that good creepy horror movie vibe. There’s no suspense, just stuff piling up on top of each other.

The original Poltergeist might be a bit dated and not as scary to kids today as it was back when I was young, but when we’re talking about building a story and create horrifying tension it’s still way ahead of the remake. 1,5/5 Dead Ducks. (And why the clown face on the cover? Seriously!?)

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