A very random post.

I am currently at my mom’s farm, been house and dog sitting since Thursday night which is cool but my grand reading plans of my new book took an interesting turn. I got Beyond the dark veil: post mortem and mourning photography from the Thanatos archive this Thursday but the postal service had played rugby with the package and damaged the spine of the book. It wasn’t torn on the inside it but it felt like a lot of money for damaged goods and at this very moment, there’s a new copy on its way home to me. I just love service minded companies.

I peeked, just a little, in my beat-up copy before I left town and the book is beautiful. The composition of the images is very thought through and it shows that it’s meant as something to keep on your coffee table. I have a copy of Fushigi Circus by Mark Ryden, one of my favorite artists and somehow I felt the same way looking at Beyond the Dark Veil as I do when I flip through Fushigi Circus. It’s something magical, dark and twisted in his imagery despite the use of colors and round shapes. Mark Ryden is also the creator of a Jack Off Jill CD cover, Clear Heart Grey Flowers (I could have that vinyl case up on the wall) and if you haven’t heard of them and like 90’s underground/grungy music you should check them out. I love the song Strawberry Gashes.

Instead of spending my weekend out on the grass with a book I’ve watched a few really bad horror movies. Reviews might show up tomorrow but for now it’s time to feed the animals.

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