The Killstar Panty Review

I recently ordered a pair of underwear for ladies by Killstar. Since I found no information what so ever online concerning sizes, fitting or anything else, I had to wing it and went for a pair on sale. I’m a pretty solid size Medium when it comes to underwear (28″ in jeans) but i hate when my underwear is visible through trousers or skirts so I rather go bigger than too small. According to Killstar’s size chart my hips should squeeze neatly into a medium with their 95 cm all around. But, because of what I just said about the too tight panty edges, I ordered them in large. And boy are they smaller than that. They’re actually a bit tighter than some of my underwear in medium.

I can’t say much about the shape, I’m usually wearing thongs or hipsters so it feels a bit alien, but my biggest issue is still that I get those annoying lines on my ass/hips when wearing them underneath a tight skirt or a pair jeans. As for the quality they seem to be just normal. I’ve only had them for one wash but the color held up well and the print looks just the same. But maybe the style/shape is not for me, I might get used to it but I’m hesitant. And for anyone who’s thinking about ordering, I’d recommend really checking your measurements and maybe size up. My booty would not have liked a size smaller.

And since I feel weirded out by posting pictures of me in just lingerie online (or bathing suits, if it matters), this is me in my Slytherin green tights and the Killstar iScream Licks Panties. The tights are very lose, not helping out with tightening the butt. As you probably can tell.


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