Movie weekend

I’m busy working and being so tired I barely manage to stay awake during the evenings, which ends up with me tossing and turning during the night. Anyway, not much interesting has happened. I bought a mug for work, since the ones there is too small to manage my coffee addiction. It looks like this because I love Californication and comes from

I spent the weekend watching movies and ended up looking at The Autopsy of Jane Doe, The Den and Bokeh.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe surprised me. I was not interested in some pseudo crime disguised as horror just because the budget fell short. It’s about a corpse at a morgue that’s not quite like the other ones. Minus for a very, very easy plot to follow but they still leave out a few details which is good for the ones who aren’t as much of a nerd as me and probably makes it less clear. Still, it’s a fresh take in a genre where everything has been done 35 times with different amount of blood spill. 3,5/5 dead ducks.


The Den was entertaining enough to watch until the end. It’s from 2013 and yet another story in the spirit of “don’t trust strangers online and yeah, your computer will get hacked if you turn it on”. It’s not a POV movie but you see it through all the sorts of screens we’re surrounded by, mainly laptops and smartphones. It’s a bit chilling at first but has a terrible end that I laughed my way through. I give it 2/5 dead ducks.


Bokeh is not a horror flick. It’s a sort of post-apocalyptic drama and I absolutely loved it. An American couple have traveled to Iceland and wakes up one morning as the only people left on the island. Left in the world, as it looks when they try to contact home. The plot is about the human reaction, the existential crisis when you realize you’re all alone and how frail your life is. It’s calm, it’s quiet, it’s genuine and beautiful. I get the same feeling as I did the first time I watched Melancholia4,5/5 dead ducks.




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