Top 5 Obsessions #First issue

I’m tired and haven’t really got a good topic to write about (but feel very happy to be striking at my own keyboard after yet another day behind the utterly boring computer at work) so I thought I’d share some things that I’m obsessing over right now in a top 5 of the day. This might be a recurring theme, just a tiny little warning for all you list-hating weirdo’s. Seriously, who doesn’t love lists!?

  1. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. I am just wandering around in the incredibly beautiful realm that is the world of Red Creek Valley and love every second of it. It’s on sale on Steam until the 5:th, seriously try it if you like atmospheric games, it’s incredible.
    Image source
  2. The perfume Death and Decay by Lush. I have neither smelled it nor tried it on but want it so bad. At least I want to try it, but have no Lush store like anywhere nearby. But it sounds amazing, both its name and ingredients.
    Image source
  3. Absinthe. I know it’s such a goth cliche but I love it and it’s been so long since we had it at home. Me and my partner in crime have our 3 year anniversary coming up soon and are thinking about going full on snobbish and cliche with new glassware, spoons and of course, the deliciousness of Swedish wormwood.
  4. Orphan Black. The last season is streaming and it’s just amazing. Tatiana Maslany is awesome and the characters are truly interesting, the entire sisterhood.
    Image source
  5.  Through My Eyes by In Flames. I have had this song on repeat for days now. It’s from In Flames’ newest album but sounds so much more like the songs on Reroute to remain,  I get all warm and mushy inside. Melodic death in the best way it exists. I’m crushing hard on Fridén’s vocals. As always.

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