Those Little Black Dresses

I got myself two dresses today, a total spur of the moment but there is this crazy summer sale on H&M in my town right now (this is why I never buy anything at full price from that store, everything goes on sale eventually) and got two dresses and two pair of tights for 300 SEK (ca 30 EUR).

The first one is giving me lolita vibes, it’s an A-line cut in chiffon which is on the supah cute side for being me but I really like it. Some chunky boots, spikes and corsets will toughen it up. The second one is a black dungaree dress, all button down and very 90’s and I feel the need to put some patches on it. I love love love the pockets in front. Being all locked away at work this entire week made me go extra creative on the eye makeup today. Just because. Will wear the dresses for work, might tone down the face.

Both dresses can be found at the H&M website too, not as cheap though.
A-line Chiffon dress
Dungaree Dress



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