Naughty on the inside (Priority list update!)

I had to buy a new shirt for work. It was necessary since my closet won’t hold up in between laundry room bookings. Even though it wasn’t the best timing it turned out to not be the worst either. Killstar has a pretty solid clearance at the moment and I got myself an over sized knitted shirt. Kind of edgy but totally wearable for (my type of) work, it’s still in the nicer end of the spectrum when it comes to what I like in a print so I just had to get these über-cutesy undies too. I guess since no one else is telling shit about the underwear from Killstar, I’ll be the first.

The shirt is Not a morning person batwing knit top and the underwear is iScream Licks Panty. If the underwear fits, I’ll be able to cross off yet another thing from my priority list I started in January.  It looks like this at the moment (I was hoping to find a band shirt soon, but I’m starting to think I’m too picky about the prints. Oh well…)

  1. A new fall/spring jacket, gothic style.
  2. Basic, black tee.
  3. A pair of underwear.
  4. O-ring Bondage belt.
  5. Spiked choker. (I found my lost one)
  6. Short skirt, bondage inspired.
  7. O-ring choker.
  8. Band shirt, girlie.
  9. Arm warmers.
  10. New boots, 20 eyelet.

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