Why is no one talking about the Killstar Lingerie?

They’ve been around for a while now, the Killstar underwear and I’m curious. When googling various phrases I get a lot of Killstar’s own pictures and barely any of others wearing them. I get that most people probably don’t post pictures of themselves in their underwear online, but I still thought there’d be more than there is. And I definitely thought that someone at least would’ve said or written something about them somewhere. But it seems like I’m lucking out.

Anyway, I find the underwear interesting and refreshing, at least to look at. But are they comfy? Do they survive washing machines? How are the sizes, really? Is the stretch good or bad? Does anyone know anything?

Bella Morte Parisian Bralet
Bella Morte Juliet Panty
No Salvation Bralet (no forgiveness… I’ll always be a fan of Manson)
No Salvation Panty
Purraise Satan Panty 


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