Helalyn Flowers

I use Spotify as my main source for finding new, at least to me, bands by jumping from one related artist to another. Today I found Helalyn Flowers, from what I understand they’re Italian and mix industrial, goth, punk, electro and metal music.

I’m not sure if I’m just being very picky with album artwork etc but I usually tend to shy away from bands with big shiny logos, it feels like they’re trying too hard. This band has a very spacey website with a lot happening in and the band logo is…industrial. The lineup of band members looks a bit too air brushed but I really like their sound. I love Spotify that way, the music is the focus point and shallow idiots like myself don’t miss out on good stuff.

Helalyn Flowers have a few songs featuring Angelspit and Blutengel (and a lot of collabs with just Chris Pohl) too. I love Maths of Chaos ft. Angelspit but it’s unfortunately not uploaded online, the link is connected to Spotify for all of you who use it. The band is definitely worth a listen if you’re into more industrial oriented sounds.

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