“It’s a filthy goddamn helpless world”

It all started with an obsession with Murder House and I’m still as into American Horror Story as I was back when the first season was brand new. I love all the powerful women, the way every season is its own story (and how they intertwine with one another) and of course, all the blood. Even though I sort of have a hate-love relationship towards most of all the commercial merch revolving success shows and movies, and don’t want to fangirl too hard on anything, I always end up doing just so. Maybe it’s my very own The Crow syndrome since that’s what got me hooked on all this amazing parafernalia? But I don’t own any American Horror Story merch at all, only the DVD’s… It’s about time to change that, so I put together some of the things I’d really want.

Links to the stuff:
Funko Pop! Rubber Man
Charm Necklace
Tate Heart Locket
It’s Everywhere t-shirt
Normal people scare me tank top
Room 64 key replica
Roanoke Nightmare t-shirt
All monsters are human t-shirt
Fearless females – Women’s world mug
Freakshow tent coaster set

…and some music to go finish all this awesomeness.


3 Replies to ““It’s a filthy goddamn helpless world””

    1. It’s hard to decide but I think either season one or two. I love the murder house story and how dark Asylum is. But Lady Gaga is fierce in the Hotel season… all seasons has their own charm. Which is your favorite?

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