Online auctions is the shit

I’m trying to keep my shopping for clothes to a minimum at the moment because I have a few bigger purchases that I need to save up to. But I found a skirt on Tradera, a Swedish version of eBay, that I just couldn’t resist and got it for 20 SEK (ca 2 EUR)!  It looks like it could work with most of my clothes, I’m just hoping the size is good.

Pictures borrowed from the auction

I don’t know much more than it’s from H&M Divided, it’s not stretchy and that I’ve looked at it at their website before but never bought it.  My immediate thought when I saw it was an outfit resembling this:


Tank top: Silent Hill Nurses from Spreadshirt (seems like only Canadians can order that style *sigh*)
Underbust: Expert waist training in twill from Corset Story
Bolero: Gothicana Witches Spell Bolero from EMP
Boots: New Rock M272 S1 High Boots Reactor
Tights: Alcatraz Flowers from EMP
Over knee: Over knee socks from EMP
Skirt: Online auction (H&M Divided)



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