Back to bad OOTD’s

I’m having an extreme social hangover after hanging out with a ton of people the past days and feel pretty satisfied with just sitting by the computer and scroll through websites. Like I’ve written before, at the moment it feels like my wardrobe sucks and every time I try to think of an outfit I get uninspired. After a deep dig in the back of the closet I found an old top with buckles that I decided to try out again. I’m not too happy about the outfit but felt too lazy to change it. What do you think?

Oh, and the light is hopeless and my mirror is dirty.

Top: Underworld Bondage top – eBay (a million years ago, but I think they still exist).
Shrug: Queen of Darkness Knitted Black Bolero
Boots: Demonia Concord
Skirt: H&M Structured Skirt
Tights: Lindex
Spiked choker: Shango (similar)
Bat skull locket: Blue Bayer Design NYC




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