I Prefer Prints

This is yet again going to be a short post, all that time I thought I had was swiftly erased and replaced with a ton of boring have-to’s. I’ve been looking for tees, now when summer’s here and long-sleeves are too hot. There is something with printed t-shirts. My partner in crime is not a fan, I love them to death and often feel a bit blank when I’m wearing my  black-on-black shirts. No one will make me change, I like to wear my personality on the outside.

The place to get really nice and fun prints at affordable prices is Threadless, you’re supporting small artists at the same time which I like. I’m thinking of ordering some of these prints, I already have the Renaissance Rocks but it’s getting old and washed out.

Links to all prints:
I’ve forgotten why I shouldn’t blink
Silly Karate
Furr Division
Zombies in Wonderland
Edgar Allan Crow
Paleontological Adventure
Renaissance Rocks
Killer Whale
Case Closed
The Magician


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