Craving for corsets

I don’t have any actual words I just want more corsets. It’s probably my boring everyday-suitable-for-work-outfits that creates these screaming, annoying monsters in my head. With broken headphones on top of it I feel more naked than ever. It’s weird that you can strip off that amount of identity by just boxing someone in. It’s not that I dislike what I wear normally, it’s just that the limitation puts a damper on the day sometimes and I end up in a rut, disliking my entire closet. Do you ever feel the same? Right now, all I wish for is some extra cash to spend on one or two of these babies.



5 Replies to “Craving for corsets”

  1. After much searching, I found one that was supposed to fit my weird figure (and budget), but it doesn’t feel right even after altering. it’s also very thick and I can only bear it in the winter months. I haven’t even finished seasoning it because I haven’t had the necessary combo of time and suitable weather. I would love to have some corsets, but I just don’t see that happening because standard sizing doesn’t work on me. And yes, I too hate to death my boring work clothes.

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  2. I’ve decided to start wearing corsets more seriously now.
    I’ve been wearing 20” for years, and now I wanna get down to 18” or 16” – that way it would also fit with the small measurements of my underbust and high hip. I’m gonna get a waist cincher in 18” as soon as my economy stabilizes (just came home from WGT), and then save up for a custom made one!

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    1. You’re so petite, I wish I was too =P I’m tall and have an hour glass figure that doesn’t really fit into the standardized corsets but sometimes I find one that fit a little better. Never both waist and hip measurement though, it’s either or >_< But I find it easier with standard sized underbusts and cinchers than overbusts and I'm very curious about some of the waist cinchers I posted here, they might actually work if they don't try to hug my hips, haha. But tailored corsets are the way to go if you want to get maximum comfort and a tight lace.

      Hope you had fun at WGT! I saw your pictures and it looked awesome =)


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