Does the appearance of the site matter?

Since I started blogging on WordPress, I’ve toyed with the idea of making the site more accessible and less everything-in-your-face. Not that I have a large group of readers, but because I kind of like fidgeting around with things like that. But does it matter?

I know that all of you lovely followers on WordPress get new posts in the feed and don’t necessarily have to be bothered with my site unless you really want to. But if you had, does the appearance (or the theme) on the blog matter? Do you stick around even if you hate the setup, the color schemes or the how fast the site loads?

The reason why I’m asking is that I’m thinking of making my rabid hole a bit more intuitive and easier to navigate for things you might be interested in reading. Fuck, I don’t even have a personalized header yet so maybe I should start there…

Image found at Datamancer



2 Replies to “Does the appearance of the site matter?”

  1. It matters to me. If they have an eye-raping colour scheme, handwritten or otherwise fancy fonts, if they don’t have easy navigation (no history, none or too many labels etc), if the font is so tiny that I still have to squint after zooming in as much as the text width allows, I say it’s not worth my time.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts! I agree with you and find it hard to find good looking themes that cross off all my demands on how I want it to look. But yeah, readable font and a good color scheme is a requirement if I’m going to return to a blog.


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