Sustainability FTW

Today is the day when some of the biggest fashion stores in Sweden are starting to charge customers for the plastic bags you (choose to) get when you shop with them, H&M is one of them. I think this is great, since the extra cash made on the plastic bags are going to sustainable causes and it also makes the customers think twice before getting yet another pointlessly small plastic bag in their hands.

I’m probably not better than the average consumer but I truly try to recycle and reuse things, even small plastic bags. When I shop for groceries, I always carry regular totes with me, however, they are a bit too big when it comes to fitting in my purse and I often forget them at home while shopping for things like a pair of underwear, makeup or even a bottle of wine.

The solution? Getting myself some totes in different sizes that can be tucked in neatly in my purse so I always have one with me. But! All of the totes around here are too big! They are clearly made for people buying more than just a t-shirt, some mascara or a pair of socks. I need to make my own, and while I do, I might as well decorate them with some left-over patches. Just need to buy some fabric and then I’m on my way. I sadly don’t have anything in cotton or linen that could be reused at this point, curtains and bed sheets are perfect otherwise.

Actually I can’t believe it has taken me this long to think of this, but every step closer to a less plastic home is good, right? Are you doing anything special (maybe even have some pro tips?) to think and act more eco friendly?

Some cool Etsy totes, standard size, for inspiration!

They can all be found at the following Etsy shops:

Cult Of Skull
Mme De Pompadour 2017
Coffin Rock
Unicorn Empire Prints



2 Replies to “Sustainability FTW”

  1. I always try to have a canvas bag in my purse (it’s why I hate small purses!). I used to have the kind that folds into a strawberry or some other shape, but they are too flimsy for normal shopping. Now I have sturdy, non-compact bags. They are more comfortable to carry because I can put them on my shoulder and free my hands. Check out this bag from my wishlist:
    I have ordered from them before, a plain black one and a few with cats. Also look at the skull bags from this store! I haven’t bought from them, but I intend to.

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