A not so curious home

I have been on a micro holiday, hidden away in a cabin by the sea. No WiFi = no blogging. But now I’m back home and felt like making a post about home decoration. Recently I wrote about fake skulls, how we put a shelf up above our couch and that I would want it to be the starting point of my Cabinet of Curiosities. I’ve found a cool set of glass domes and let an old gas mask hang from one of the brackets but that’s about it. Just for making it look less empty I put a picture of one of our cats on the shelf together with a Living Dead Dolls coffin (yes, the doll is asleep in the coffin).


What weird, fun and beautiful things should I put there? Do you have any ideas? Favorite shops filled with fun and/or odd things? I feel like I’m in need of some real inspiration. All truly odd things seems to be sold in the US and extremely hard or too expensive to ship to the EU. At least for now, but there is always the possibility of saving up…

Everything above can be found on Artilleriet.

Everything above can be found on Petrol and Porcelain.



2 Replies to “A not so curious home”

  1. I would add mineral specimens to the list. Stuff you find on a walk like weird stones, shells, bug wings. Sometimes there are weird things at flea markets – old cups, clocks, broken toys or electronics.

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