DIY Shoulder pad removal

At first, this was going to be only one post on my recent DIY adventures with the Velvet Blazer but I’m dividing it in two, in case someone’s looking for an easy tutorial and don’t want to go through a wall of text. If you want to know how I did the corset lacing in the last pictures, the post on that is right here.

I have pretty straight and wide shoulders and this jacket made them bulky so I decided to remove the built-in shoulder pads. These pictures shows a little bit of how big the entire thing was before I did the corset lacing.

How I did it (stitching by a mad hatter)

I turned the jacket inside out and used a seam ripper to cut open the seam that went from the shoulder down to the sleeve, as little as possible just to get the shoulder pad to come out.

Depending on the quality of your jacket, the shoulder pads can be sewn on in many various ways. Sometimes right into the seams of the sleeve, front piece and back piece meet. If that’s the case, you can cut it off as closely to the seam as possible and leave it like that. With this jacket, it was sewn on afterwards and I could just rip the seam and remove the entire pad in one piece.

Stitches made by a mad hatter…

When the shoulder pad was out, I stitched the lining by hand all the way even though it didn’t rip that far. I didn’t feel like buying lighter thread, so my Frankenstein sewing skills are to be displayed just beautifully here.

And here’s the result (it doesn’t show too much but it feels a lot better) together with the corset lacing.

After pics!

The sleeves are still a bit short and I want to go full-on crazy goth on the blazer so I’m going to add lace, inspired by The Vampire Knight Jacket by Punk Rave.

Images borrowed from Fantasmagoria.


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