DIY Corset lacing

My computer had a near-death-experience yesterday because of BSOD (I was woman enough to fix it myself btw, scary as hell) and even though I backup things, like pictures and maybe some other stuff, I never remember to sync my bookmarks in Chrome to anything, which means I need to start over with my awesome, never ending list of online stores, blogs, interesting websites and so on. I’d love for you to share some of yours with me!

Just a post back or so, I wrote about a Vero Moda velvet jacket and I decided to keep it and DIY it. At first, I thought about buying all the appliances I needed, thinking I had nothing useful at home. But being (maybe) too attached to my old things to sell them in combination with wearing everything to pieces, it makes me have a lot of clothes and accessories saved just in case. Straps, hooks, lace, funny textured materials and…yeah, the list goes on. I went on a salvage hunt in my fabric graveyard.

Corset laced back – How I (unprofessionally) did it 
I wanted a corset lace solution for the back to create more waist on the jacket and by accident I stumbled upon an old pair of arm warmers in my drawers. They had a corset lacing made by a textile ribbon with grommets pierced through, I thought “why not?” and cut one of the arm warmers up and pinned the fabric strips to the jacket in a height that felt fitting. By sheer luck they ended up in perfect length to begin with and at the end of each strip I pinned a tiny d-ring for decoration. I found the d-rings on some fucking weird straps that once have belonged to a skirt. Don’t ask.

To make sure it looked good on me, I carefully tried the jacket on, using safety pins on the strips at the top and bottom to not cause a pin needle confetti party.


I sew the strips on by hand, the stitching is on the outer part to make lacing possible on the inside. Like I wrote in the other post, this jacket has such a lovely lining and avoiding to cut it open more than necessary is my main goal. Using a sewing machine would have worked if I felt like cutting into the lining or to sew straight through the it. Both are valid options depending on where you land on the lazy – meticulous scale. I went über meticulous here to get it just as I wanted it.


The lace is from an old cincher I never use and I laced the back almost as if it was an actual corset. It’s not the nicest string but it’s functional.


That was the first DIY adventure for the jacket. Next up is shoulder pad removal and to use lace and satin from an old skirt to make the sleeves look longer and more…vampire.



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