MOTD + keeping pale?

It’s been a while since I remembered to take a picture of my makeup and now as the weather is getting warmer, I’m getting more and more lazy with foundation and kinda just do my brows, eyes and occasionally, lips. I’m extra pale due to the monster cold but the icy computer screen makes me look ghoulish. I’m more pink/blue than white. So not cool.

Motd with my gaming headset.

Skin: Nothing
Brows: MakeUp Store Microshadow (Pollution)
Eyes: Isadora perfect contour eyeliner (black), MakeUp Store Microshadow (Pollution) and random Isadora mascara (black).
Lips: Isadora Perfect Contour eyeliner (black), Nyx Matte lip cream (Transylvania).
I almost always wear Nyx HD eye shadow base, but forgot today, oh well.

I need a new face cream for summer and some sunscreen, been using a sun stick I put on my face while hiking….effective but greasy. Since my skin finally went from desert dry to dry martini it no longer enjoys the fat and thick products that’s in my bath room.

What do you use to protect yourselves from the sun? Except for staying in your coffin until midnight?


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