DIY conundrum (Priority List check)

I was on some sort of high after finally purchasing a new pair of my regular jeans and started to google for something I put on my Priority List back in January. It’s been updated but nothing much has happened since this post about a bondage skirt in March. It still looks like this:

  1. A new fall/spring jacket, gothic style.
  2. Basic, black tee.
  3. A pair of underwear.
  4. O-ring Bondage belt.
  5. Spiked choker. (I found my lost one)
  6. Short skirt, bondage inspired.
  7. O-ring choker.
  8. Band shirt, girlie.
  9. Arm warmers.
  10. New boots, 20 eyelet.

That’s when I found a Vero Moda velvet blazer on 60% off, last one, in black and what could be a good size, on Nelly of all places. My number 1 priority on the list above! The cut seemed good for a Jack Skellington body, on picture it looked like decent velvet and the contrast lining sounded nice even though no picture was displayed. Plus free return. I’m thin framed, tall and my arms are freakishly long so jackets are pure hell to buy. They NEVER fit. With that being said, I don’t order jackets unless it’s easy to return them.


This blazer is no different from all the other jackets. Except for that I love, love, love the fabric. It’s the most perfect, soft and thick velvet I’ve seen in years on a jacket in this price range. The lining is in a light pink shade of mauve and it just looks so much more expensive than it was. Even the buttons have a little swirly pattern on them.


But it’s too wide in the waist and a bit too short in the sleeves, not a snug fit. I want to keep it, but I need a plan for its alteration. I’m not too fond of the idea of opening it up by the seams, there is a lot of work with the lining if I do, therefore suggestions on easier mods would be great. Of course it needs to get a little more of a dark and gloomy edge, but that sort of goes without saying.

Do you have any ideas? I was thinking of creating a corset lacing in the back, like the one I have on my winter coat.




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