Would you want a fake skull at home?

You know, I’ve always considered myself a little too cool to have these very, very stereotype home decorations *laughs myself in the face* and there are no dragons, skulls or vampire posters anywhere in our apartment. It just haven’t been my style. But as I’m trying to figure out how to really get the vibe of a cabinet of curiosities into my home, I realized that I’m a little bit drawn to human skulls. Fake ones, for ethical budget reasons, of course.

For anyone who may not have heard the term cabinet of curiosities before, here’s what I’m talking about.

Oddities, specimens, taxidermy, bones. All those kinds of things that you won’t find in a usual store and not always safe to buy if you’re not 100% sure of its origins. I’m not going to talk about my ethical standpoint but if you’re new to this and interested in buying biological remains of any sort, learn about CITES and the rules that may apply specifically to your country. Etsy is packed with this stuff, but it’s not on the cheap side and don’t get me started on the shipping costs. I’ve always wanted something like this and now it’s time to go all in with the crazy in one specific place. We’re putting up a regular shelf above the couch and there’s where the magic will happen, which brings me back on topic. Human fake skulls.

I thought it could be extremely fun (not necessarily good looking) to have one of those crazy skulls on top of the shelf.

Black Alchemy Skull – Luceferian Apotheca
Omega Skull – Amazon
Human Adult Skull – The Evolution Store
Astrology skull – The Evolution Store

Would you want a skull in your living room? Maybe you already do?



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