I have to admit one thing. I’m terrible when it comes to cleaning out my closets and selling stuff I don’t use any longer. In fact I hate it so much I’d rather just throw it out or give it away. It’s tedious and time consuming to put things up online and having to go to the store to send the packages away.
Don’t get me wrong, I love buying things second hand and think that we need to be more conscious about the culture of consumerism we’re living in, but selling my own things… Most of my clothes are worn to bits and pieces and can’t be sold to anyone but there is a few things I’ve worn once and felt like they weren’t for me and they just kind of hang around.

But I feel it’s time to be harder on myself and get some closet space at the same time and get rid of things I most certainly won’t miss. It might be starting small but it’s somewhere at least, my only worn for a day or so synthetic dreads will have to go. They’re out on a few Swedish Facebook groups, but if anyone here’s interested, just send me a message!


32 SE and 37 DE transitional synthetic dreads, ca 35 cm in a lovely quality.

Update 2017-05-15: The dreads have now switched owners.


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