What to do when sick AKA What I do Online

I don’t know what’s up with this season but yet another virus is spreading like wildfire over town and my generous partner shared it with me. So here I am, with stuffed sinuses and running a fever, in bed with the emergency laptop and hundreds of tissues. Of course this is the time when we got nothing ready to eat at home (I could kill for some yogurt or ice cream) and I’m seriously thinking about skipping coffee, even though it hurts just to think about.

Anyway, I might be feverish and too tired to sit on a regular chair but it doesn’t stop the boredom. So I started to google “things to do when sick” and got the weirdest suggestions ranging from redecorating your bedroom to call a friend and talk for a while. Are you for real? Physical exercise and human interaction is not options, they’re punishments. This got me to make a list of my own, more appropriate to humans with too-sick-to-move-but-still-bored-syndrome.

1. Try a new streaming service. See if the grass is greener on the other side. Companies like HBO or Netflix often have a free trial period that hopefully expires after you’ve gotten out of bed.

2. Online magazines. Zines might be a dying breed but some still manage to stay above the surface. If you’re a spooky kid like me, here’s a few tips (list expands beyond zines but I don’t care):
Goth: The Belfry Network, Auxiliary Magazine, Haute Macabre, Darkest Goth Magazine, Gothic Beauty, Gothic and Amazing
Metal: Metal Hammer, The Metal Archives, Apeshit, Unholy Black Metal, Terrorizer
Horror/Generally spooky: Order of the good death, Scream, Rue Morgue, Cemetery Dance, Morbid Fact Du Jour, The Fright Site, Ghost Research, Haunted Houses, Theo Fantastique

3. Youtube. I’m not the biggest fan of all the shit you have to sort through on youtube to find something good but when you’re sick you kinda got the time. My favorites in almost any category are Ask a Mortician and QI. I also love watching Mykie’s gore tutorials on Glam & Gore. And of course, Pets Add Life and clips from BBC Walk on the Wild Side.

4. Podcasts. If you’re too exhausted to even lift your eyelids, podcasts are awesome. I tend to mainly listen to horror fiction, paranormal stuff and a little bit of true crime. The Belfry Network has a lovely list of podcasts if you’re interested in the goth subculture. As for horror, I like The No Sleep Podcast.

5. Graphic Novels (Comic Books). This might be a bit hard if you don’t have any at home to start with but they are available online for your kindles and tablet. Some you can read for free and that’s one of the many, many reasons why I just love Romantically Apocalyptic. For all Eric Draven fans, there are the entire series of The Crow and if you like shorter stories and sarcasm I’d highly recommend Nemi, a Norwegian comic strip about a black clad young woman and all her endeavors. The strips are easy to find in English online, here’s a tumblr site dedicated to the character. There is thousands of graphic novels out there, I’m currently reading the horror tale Wytches by Scott Snyder (He’s also the writer of American Vampire) and it’s kind of amazing. Both the adapted works of Neil Gaiman and HP Lovecraft can be found in the form a graphic novels.

What do you do when you’re sick and bored? Share your best tips!


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