It doesn’t have to be black roses

Episode 706
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We bought some flowers for the balcony this weekend, the first ones ever and I’m crossing my fingers that they survive. I’m not particularly good with keeping plants alive and we don’t have the best conditions for growing anything on our balcony. But I love plants and you gotta try, right? Making those thumbs more green and less black.

My favorite flowers are orchids, they survive my abuse and I would really want more and different kinds. We have a few blood spattered moth orchids indoors that I love, they remind me of my favorite fictional serial killer Hannah McKay from Dexter.

I was thinking velvet black petunias  (because I like being cliche, okay?) for the balcony but chickened out at the florist’s shop, not wanting to put too much money on something I might kill within a week. So I went with the much cheaper alternative in a strong magenta hue. If they live longer than a month, I’ll get those amazing, mesmerizing black-purple flowers too…

A dream of mine is to have a garden one day, full of herbs, flowers, trees and bushes. Just like the one in the Secret Garden. Starting with getting our neglected balcony some greens seems like a good idea though. Do you have any favorite plants or flowers?



2 Replies to “It doesn’t have to be black roses”

  1. Good luck with your gardening project! I’m a practical woman, I wanted to grow some herbs and tomatoes in pots but my cat ate all the seedlings and I have nowhere to put them outside her reach :/ She found a way to the top of the (tall and isolated) fridge and after triggering the burglar alarm several times, I gave up.

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    1. Thanks!

      The oldest of my cats eats almost any plant with delicate leaves, including herbs (he doesn’t seem to like the taste or texture of rosemary though). It’s a struggle! But he’s not allowed out on the balcony…yet 😝


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