Just as I was to write about how disappointed I am in the alternative brands this season with no new, fun trends or pieces to drool over when it comes to clothes, I found out that Necessary Evil have come up with a few new, flirting with the 90’s dresses, boleros and tops.

Where to find them…
Freya Velvet Maxi Dress
Medeina Bat Wing Cape
Zira Mesh Bolero
Yemoja Poncho Top
Velvet Nyx Asymetrical Top

What do you guys think, have you found something new and shiny this spring? Are there any major trends I totally missed? (And no, I’m not impressed by the mass produced, over priced, “big print” clothing, it’s no fun anymore.)


4 Replies to “Springspiration”

  1. I don’t pay attention to fashion trends – not in the goth world either. I am such a picky person, so if I find something I COMPLETELY like, I get that!
    Nowadays I’ve been shopping bits and pieces on ebay, and DIYing stuff.

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    1. Since all fashion revolve around trends more or less (I’m speaking in general terms; shapes, cutting and such) I try to look out for when “my” style is in or when certain brands revolve back to it. It makes it so much easier to find stuff I like if the trends coincide with my taste^^

      I’m hopelessly tall though, regular or goth brands rarely fit and eBay never works for anything but tees in my case…😐


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