Coffin bags, yay or nay?

To indulge in yet another goth cliche I’ve been wanting a coffin bag for many years now, but haven’t gotten around to buying one. I do have a coffin purse but what I’d really like is the backpack kind. Big enough for fitting a decent sized human skull and other things you typically carry around on any given day.

Coffin backpacks pretty easy to come by online and not too expensive but I’ve been told by several people that the “classic” Dark Star bag suffer from crappy quality. Does anyone around here have any other suggestions? No matter how I google I end up with the same three options and I don’t like the Killstar Coffin backpack, I want it to be more rectangular in its coffin shape and that one is just way too boxy for my taste. The options seems to be either by Alchemy Gothic (expensive) or Dark Star (iffy quality?).

Alchemy Gothic backpack found at and the Dark Star ones can be found at

If you’ve  read my other posts about bags and purses you probably already have heard me rant about how it’s difficult to find durable goth-as-fuck-looking purses and I want my bags to endure wear and tear. I’ve also updated the review on the ReStyle Holster bag, if anyone is interested in that purse. I honestly think it might have been one of my worst purchases in a long time. Even though I still love the design…


6 Replies to “Coffin bags, yay or nay?”

  1. Whenever you do find one, please share! I can never find a bag I like, especially since this tiny purse trend emerged. A decent sized handbag-to-backpack coffin purse would be perfection. I also like kisslock closures, but they are on tiny purses too. I need to carry all my glasses, a hand fan and water, if I just needed my keys and phone I have pockets for that, thank you very much.

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