Crazy Pet Lady

I’m stealing this topic shamelessly from Sara Broadhurst who talked about all her lovely pets. I’m not quite in the same league when it comes to quantity (any longer…) but this is my non-human family. I’ve always had pets and they have ranged from scorpions to hamsters, horses, dogs, rats, African pygmy hedgehogs, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Nemesis (Nemi for short) is a desert phase California kingsnake and she’s turning 10 this summer, she is a really gentle and curious snake and loves to climb even though it really is a digging species. I was going to take some new pictures of her but she just fed yesterday and I don’t want to disturb her now, so I’ll throw in some old photos. Today she’s a bit passed 135 cm (4 ft 5.15 in) which which is big for the species but she could get even bigger if she continues to stay healthy.

The California kingsnake is a very popular beginner’s reptile since they aren’t venomous, don’t get extremely big, often easy with feeding and are quite beautiful to look at. It’s a species that is very opportunistic and even eat other snakes, including venomous ones, and can imitate a rattle snake (curl up in a ball and rattle its tale) if you happen to surprise it.

Darwin is my retired alpaca guinea pig, about 7 years old and he’s a rescue, I’ve had him since 2014. Due to his background, he is a careful little guy but very friendly, especially if you scratch his back. He has fast growing fur that needs to be cut regularly, most of the time he looks like Big Lebowski. (You shouldn’t keep guinea pigs alone, but Darwin have had a rough life and this have been the most fitting solution for him.)

And then there’s Hopkins and Whyson, the sass and the dum-dum. They are also rescues and came to us in November 2015. Hopkins, is about 8-10 years old and Whyson is probably 7 years old. Hopkins likes to eat and sleep (preferably on top of his slave, my boyfriend) and Whyson likes to play with everything.

Some day I want chinchillas, a Tokay gecko and a Western hognose snake. The dream would be to have the space for a Cuvier’s dwarf caiman… And I really want to have the time for dogs and horses again. Do you have any pets?


8 Replies to “Crazy Pet Lady”

  1. I am owned by a cat. She’s curled in my lap right now, not letting me go to bed. We wanted to get her a sister but she couldn’t be convinced. I’ve had fish, a turtle and a guinea pig when I was a kid but as an adult I promised myself I will never buy a pet. There are far too many out there willing to give their love for free. Your family is adorable, and I’m glad most of them are rescues.

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    1. She sounds wonderful! Cats sure are special 🙂
      Technically the snake was a gift. She belonged to my ex and when we split up he couldn’t keep her so he asked me if I wanted to have her. I feel the same as you, there are too many homeless pets in the world already.


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