Being office cash and still wear black

I know I’ve been writing about being goth and working in an environment where you can’t quite be as much yourself fashion wise as you’d wish, but I thought I’d continue on the subject.

To start off, I have a typical desk job with no specific dress code (most of us dress office casual) and live in Sweden where body mods or crazy hair colors rarely create any problems. This being said, I wear my lip piercings for work but I keep my face pretty nude with just a sheer foundation and a bit of mascara. Yeah, since I have invisible eyebrows I fill them in to match the hair on my head. I don’t need to hide my tattoos either.

This have been one of my go-to styles this spring. The poncho is for when the AC freezes us to death indoors. Same color, different textures.

Top: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Poncho: Cubus
Necklace: Blue Bayer Design NYC
Shoes: Doc Martens 1460 Mono Black

I have been thinking about adding some corp goth to my work outfits but I haven’t really found anything I feel comfortable in, a lot of the pieces are a bit too formal in comparison to how I usually dress. Maybe I’ll get there someday, maybe not.

Fashion and clothes is a big interest for me so I kind of want to like my work outfits too, even if they’re not as much “me” as they could be. Also, I try to make my normal (gothy/black/metal/weirdo) style shine through as much as possible since it’s actually appreciated to be a little personable where I work. Usually I do it by adding accessories. I’m thinking of getting some new jewelry this summer to give my work wear a bit of extra dark spice. Here’s what I’m into at the moment, as always when I buy jewelry or anything else with symbols I make sure I know what they mean before getting them.

Cthulu Necklace: Killstar
Beetle Silver necklace: ReStyle
Runes n Bones necklace: ReStyle
Vegvisir Pendant: The Wicked Griffin
Gothic Pendant: Aranwen
The Crow necklace: Alternative Jewellery
Affaire du coeur: Alchemy Gothic
Epiphany of St. Corvus: Alchemy Gothic
The St. Petersburg Tear bracelet: Alchemy Gothic


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