Forest hike and Icelandic Magic.

Today’s been a much better day. I’ve been on a two hour mini hike (10 km) around the woods and even though it’s been snowing a bit, it feels like spring is finally here to stay. I love to see the wildlife returning and today, I stumbled upon a roe deer in summer coat and a lot of robins, not just the usual blackbirds and crows. Long walks work wonders when my head feels all fizzy from stress.

I got Carmilla in the mail just before Easter and haven’t had the time to read more than about 1/3 of the story yet. But so far I love the language, the descriptive parts about the landscape and the castle play right into my hands and as for the story, it’s quite enjoyable and cozy. Since I have some previous knowledge there still is not much that is new to me but it’s a truly beautiful tale and I’m happy I didn’t read the translated version of it.

On the subject of books I actually ordered a few 9 days ago. Yes, I have been counting the days in mere exhilaration and been pissed at myself for waiting up until this stupid holiday with the purchase since it prolonged the shipping by at least 3 regular working days. Anyway, the package is on it’s way now and I hope it arrives before Friday because it contains nothing less than Icelandic Magic: Practical Secrets of the Northern Grimoires by Stephen E. Flowers. If you’re like me and almost awkwardly interested in northern witchcraft and the history connected to it, it’s probably a book for you too.


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