Underwater Inspiration

Yes, I know, it’s me and every other hipster on the planet. Everyone love jellyfish, at least on picture. There is this otherworldly and mesmerizing thing about them, transparent yet living.

Since I love making my home cozy and nice, I thought I’d share my newfound jellyfish with you. When it comes to my apartment, I do not strive after a darker-than-black-mansion, I want a Wonderland. Wacky, saturated and a homy feel. It’s chaos in order. But we also have cats and they have somehow claimed certain areas as their own, making it a battle to find things to put there that is either sturdy and fall-proof or just heavy-duty enough to be smashed around a bit.

I’m not usually a big fan of glass decorations but as soon as I saw this guy in the store yesterday, I knew it would fit right in with our weird collection of stuff. It’s extremely heavy (cat proof, so far), not too small and just lovely. I found it on Hemtex, a Swedish chain, but they’re supposed to be hand-blown and no one in the store looked the same. If anyone outside of Sweden wants something similar, it’s just to google and you’ll find that there’s an ongoing jellyfish trend, eBay has some wonderful options.



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