OOTD + Adventure of the Day

Today has mainly been spent in the car. We’ve been to Glimmingehus, Scandinavia’s most well preserved medieval castle to visit a lecture about witches and the witch trials throughout history, from the medieval times until today. I’m guessing it’s not a coincidence that tomorrow is the day of the witches according to Swedish folklore.

The lecture was really good and interesting but since I’m such a nerd on the subject, the lecture didn’t contain much new information. I really liked how the lecturer (Mikael Häll, a Swedish historian) discussed how academics often take religious beliefs very seriously while folklore often gets ridiculed even though the belief and a lot of the symbolism is similar. He had a very humble approach to the lore and that was fascinating to me in a positive way.

The weather has been crazy, sunshine, downpours, hail and wind and ever changing, I’m pretty pleased with not having half my face on my neck and felt good about layering my clothing. I decided on a comfy outfit today, I’ve mainly been sitting in the car reading the map. Very old school, GPS is not adventurous enough!

Cropped hoodie: Lip Service Black Widow Sweater
Top: H&M (altered arms)
Shorts: H&M
Tights: H&M
Legwarmers: 2 pairs, probably from Cubus
Over knees: H&M
Bat Skull Necklace: Blue Bayer Design NYC
Amber pendant: Bought on Hjerl Hede Open Air Museum in Denmark ages ago.


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