Last night I had the strangest dream


At first I thought I wasn’t going to write about what happened in Stockholm yesterday but I feel like I have to mention it. My friends and family are safe but there’s this hollow, echoing emptiness inside of me. The kind you get when you see all the awful, pointless violence and war on TV. The feeling you get in your stomach when you hear the word terrorism. The pain in your chest when graphic images pass by on the news. All the injustice, all the suffering in the name of terror. And yesterday it happened here, in my country. People I know were in the area. None of them got hurt. But others did.

There’s millions of people in the world living this nightmare, every day. The impossible amount of fear children have to grow up with, knowing the world is an unsafe place. Some come here, to where they have fled for their lives and I am lucky enough to meet them, to hear their stories and share their worry about having to go back to the war zones.

During this past day I have seen an endless amount of compassion and bravery from people, mainly in the affected areas but, for once, there have been more love than hate on social media. People are being a little bit nicer, softer, showing more humility than I have seen in a while. Networks formed within hours where stranded people could find shelter, food and safety. People helped strangers getting home to their loved ones.

I truly hope this will continue, I hope that this will show that we won’t be scared to silence, we won’t let terror crush us. This is supposed to be an open and open minded country where people can feel safe, a society for anyone to seek refuge in.

To everyone who reads, take care of each other.

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