Gothic Princess Dreams

I have finally accomplished to take some pictures of the dress I won at an online auction last week. It’s a Phaze velour dress and according to the seller, she bought in 2000 and it doesn’t look like she ever actually wore it. It’s stunning, exactly what I dreamed of dressing like as a The Crow-stricken teenager and I feel like a Gothic princess wanting to drape myself over grave or something while wearing it.

Our apartment doesn’t have enough room to show off the skirt and neither do we have large enough mirrors but it’s insanely wide with an asymmetrical/witchy cut. Unfortunately, the seller have used some extremely scented detergent on it so it needs to be properly aired, I feel all woozy from the floral smell just by wearing it for a few minutes.

Dress: Phaze, vintage 90’s
Tights: Bite me by Tattoosocks

Shoes: Doc Martens 1460 Mono Black

Pentagram necklace: eBay
Ankh necklace: etNox

Heart necklace: Alchemy Gothic Dragon heart pendant

Bird skull ring: Baby crow by Moon Raven Designs

Of course there’s impossible to get in the right mood without some music that truly emphasizes the how many cliches I just fitted into one outfit. And I kind of love it.


2 Replies to “Gothic Princess Dreams”

    1. Thanks, I love the way it looks! I think it’s really hard to find velvet dresses today that aren’t mini dresses. I try to keep an eye on sites like eBay for vintage models instead.


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