Adventure weekend!

So yesterday we went up way too early and took a drive to a city a few hours from our little small town. I love our mini road trips, we sing our hearts out to badly chosen songs on burned CD’s (Yes, I still do that. No, no one else does.) and usually have the best time. This Saturday was no exception and most day was spent shopping.

I found some more makeup from NYX, the Soft matte lip cream in the shade Transylvania that I’ve been looking at for a while and it was actually surprisingly good, especially since I got the marvelous idea of putting it on in a moving car, on the highway, I didn’t drive. The result is to be viewed somewhat filtered below. It got messy for a while but cleaned up pretty nicely around the lips. My eyebrow got some lip thing on it too (you know it’s a bumpy ride when you get lipstick on your forehead) and didn’t wanna cooperate after that, but who cares?

I also bought the Jumbo eye pencil in the shade Milk, it looked so fun and crayon-like that I couldn’t resist. Apparently, it doubles as an eye shadow, have not tried that yet though. But it’s soft, almost creamy and stayed on my waterline nicely through the night.


2 Replies to “Adventure weekend!”

    1. It’s a lovely color! I know some people have had issues with it getting a bit patchy an I agree but it’s fairly easy to build it to a solid hue. If you’re not in a moving vehicle that is =P

      I tried out the Milk as an eye shadow today and LOVED how easy it blended. It’s going to be interesting to see how well it sits on throughout the day.


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